Discuss the conflict between nature and civilization in “A White Heron.”Please construct an argumentive essay that considers one of the following questions. Your paper must have an argumentative thesis that interprets a text and argues for this interpretation. It is not enough to suggest that something occurs, but rather include why it occurs. For example, you could certainly discuss nature imagery in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, but this is a fact and thus not argumentative. However, you could discuss how nature imagery contributes to Edna’s awakening and facilitates her transformation from true woman to new woman.
As you look at the following questions, think about how symbolism, characterization, imagery, tone, etc. contribute to the theme (most significant idea in a literary work or even the moral of the story). How do literary techniques help us understand the writer’s intention and what exactly is that intention?

Your essay should include 2 sources (1 primary [the text you are interpreting] and 1 credible secondary [outside source that adds to your argument]) and run approximately 3-4 pages with the 4th page listed as a works cited page.

the topic
1. Discuss the conflict between nature and civilization in “A White Heron.”

Note: before you write anything, read the story please ”A White Heron ”

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