1984  Lens Essay and Research Paper

You will be reading two sides to one of the following contemporary controversial issues:

•    Does Terrorism/Public Safety Justify Curtailing Civil Liberties?

•    Does the Patriot Act Violate Civil Liberties?

•    Do Video Cameras in Public Places Violate Our Rights to Privacy?  How much privacy should we expect in our modern, wired world?

•    Should the Federal Government enact more legislation to help individuals control how much of their personal data is publicly accessible?

A.  You will then look at 1984 through ONE of these “lenses.”  To help you with your essay, think of the following ways to approach the writing:

1.    Choose ONE topic and ONE side for the topic and the themes from Orwell’s 1984 as well as the articles to support your argument

a.    be sure to summarize both positions

b.    find multiple examples from your sources to support your position

c.    write to persuade your audience

2.    Answer the following:  How would Orwell feel about ONE topic – what side would he take?  Use 1984 as your proof of how he thinks/feels.

Utilize the following sources from our library


Opposing Viewpoints

B.  Research Paper:  After you get your Lens essay back, you will take your topic and explore it further.  Find additional articles to support your position.

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