Major Paper II: Writing to Analyze

Major Paper II: Writing to Analyze
English 1100, Fall 2016
Minimum Length? 4 pages
Maximum Length? 5 pages

Overview? We analyze texts for many reasons. For one, doing so helps us to think critically about the information we consume. (As you have hopefully discovered, not all information is reliable.) Secondly, it enables us to take part in conversations and help others think critically about the information they consume, including that which we communicate to them. Building on these premises, your aim for this assignment will be to develop and refine your inquiry by 1) analyzing how authors make arguments, and 2) exploring how those arguments potentially shape audience understanding of the public issue you have been researching. The stakes involved?and what we gain by taking part in this type of intellectual work?will vary according to your topic and with respect to what you want to accomplish through your analysis. Please consider the following as you undertake and complete this assignment.

Format? You must use MLA or APA format for this essay. That means double spaced, one inch margins, works cited page(s), and correct in text citations. Your font must be Times New Roman 12 pt.

Invention & Inquiry
? Select a text that contrasts the source you analyzed in Writing Exercise II;
? Analyze the text according to criteria established in Writing Exercise II;
? Identify how each author argues about and represents the topic in similar and different ways;
? Take notes as you conduct your analysis, and consider how these texts function as a type of filter or screen through which audiences understand the topic;
? Draft a thesis statement that suggests how and the ends to which these authors use rhetorical strategies to shape the conversation and what that means for the way readers understand the topic in question.
The Composing Process
? Introduce your topic and define the scope of your paper;
? Present a thesis that you will develop based on your analysis;
? Offer some background on your topic to set up your analysis;
? Carry out your analysis according to the specified rhetorical framework;
? Lead readers to a conclusion about the ways in which these texts/authors make arguments and shape understanding of your research topic. How do they use writing and rhetoric to achieve their objectives? What are the stakes involved? What do we stand to gain or lose by thinking critically (or not thinking critically) about these and other sources? Why should we or anyone else care?
? Conclude your essay by pointing toward additional research and analysis that can be done to better understand the issue as part of an ongoing conversation.

The audience for this assignment is your instructor, your classmates, and, in general, anyone who can access and read information online. You should anticipate that readers have some education and knowledge of the subject but do not necessarily possess a clear or complete understanding of it.

Specific Requirements
Your essay should:
? Analyze two sources that represent differing views on your topic;
? Develop a clear and compelling thesis based on thorough analysis;
? Draw a conclusion about the ways in which the authors use rhetorical techniques to shape understanding of the topic (and why that should matter to your readers);
? Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style;
? Cite sources correctly using appropriate citation style;
? Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of the essay;
? Be 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman typeface);
? Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline on October 24th.
You are now at a point where you have gathered information about a topic and have begun to define the boundaries of a conversation. Analyzing different or competing voices in the conversation takes things a step further: i.e., it helps you evaluate the validity of what people are saying and, from there, make a reasoned and well-informed argument?our main objective for Project III. Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.

Topic?You will use the topic that you choose for this essay throughout the semester, scaffolding your writing from informative to argumentative essays. With that in mind, choose a topic that you are passionate about and wish to explore further, for whatever reason.

Steer away from topics that are endless loops that do not necessarily lead to changing an audience?s mind. These include topics such as abortion, gun control, capital punishment, and others. This essay should continue with the same topic you chose for the first writing project.

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