DSM 5 criteria for diagnosis

Your first written assignment is a case study, For your case study you will select either a “client/patient” that you had direct experience with, or it could be a friend or a family member, or another person you know well. The goal of this exercise, is to practice some of the skills you are gaining in class, and to experience real world problems related to diagnosis and treatment of real people. If you have selected a real treatment case, it will be easier for you to discuss treatment options, however, if you are working with a non-clinical case (such as a friend or a relative), please suggest what treatments you would recommend. Use DSM 5 criteria for diagnosis (list all the symptoms, and look them up in DSM 5 at the library). Please use evidence based treatments (either find them in the book, or in a peer reviewed article) and provide a reference to support your recommendations Please use APA style to write your report in The report need be no longer than 5 pages.  Three pages – better. (excluding cover and reference pages) Make sure it is typed double space and 12 font Times New Roman font PLEASE EMAIL ME THE PAPER

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