Critical Thinking/EC Project 1
Due:Oct 19, 2016, 11:59 PM

EC Project 1 – Research Activity

Let’s talk about your first research activity. I would like you to research a relatively current article, i.e., written in 2015, or 2016. Make sure that there are plenty of good URL’s available on the web.

Your focus is on applicable articles in the field of e-commerce that covers what we have learned so far. Upon selection of each article, you will want to write a short written evaluation, FOUR pages in length (double-spaced). The evaluation will consider the article’s relevance to the concepts (from chapter 1-8), and theory discussed in the textbook, as well as in our discussions.

The purpose of this assignment is not simply to revise the article, but rather, to use your critical analysis and critical thinking.


“What constitutes a good paper?” There should be sufficient detail in your paper so that I understand the essence of your writing. It should not be two pages of rewriting or summarizing the article; most of your paper should demonstrate YOUR thinking, research, and analysis.

It is important that any quotations, themes, etc., that you take from the URL are properly footnoted and referenced. Otherwise, it is plagiarism!

Given what the author states in their article, how does this relate to what we have been studying? How does it support our text or go contrary to them? How does your writing relate to the article and to e-commerce concepts, as we have learned.

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