By sharing and discussing the results of your career explorations with your colleagues, you can expand your awareness of career opportunities and learn from others’ research and insights.
Click on the Doc Sharing tab and read at least three of your colleagues’ Positions in the Early Childhood Field Career Exploration Sheets. As you read, consider the following questions:

What insights can you gain from your colleagues’ job selections?

Are you prompted to reconsider a choice you made based on a colleague’s choice? If so, why?

By Day 4:

Post a response to the following with your colleagues’ career exploration sheets and your own thoughts in mind:

Compare and contrast the positions you researched with those you learned about from reading your colleagues’ exploration sheets. Describe specific conclusions you reached, insights you gained, or changes in your perspective you experienced as a result of considering other students’ job selections and reasoning.

Based on the positions you read about, summarize your thoughts – including new knowledge and insights you gained – with regard to career opportunities in the early childhood field. Explain at least one goal you would set for yourself to help maximize your future career options.

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