Visit East West Bank in Pasadena, LA and write a report
THE PAPER: Describe how the art is displayed in
the bank and what kind of information is available
about the work. Why did they created this
collection, and do think this is a good way to
display art – why or why not?
Select one artist from the art on view – describe the
work and how it is displayed. What did you find
especially interesting or unusual about the work,
what general themes or topics does the work
address, are there themes or elements that seem
particularly Asian or Chinese? Overall, how
effective is the artist?s communication through his
or her artwork?
3 – 4 typewritten pages, double-spaced, in MLA
style, with a bibliography of at least three outside
references not including WIKIPEDIA. The
bibliography does not count towards the typewritten
pages. Please try to include pictures of other
artwork if discussed.

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