EC1012 – Introduction to Law

Coursework 2015

Answer both parts of the question

As the newly appointed Commissioner of Laws, you have been asked to compile a report on the following ;-

i. The sources of the English Legal System in the order of their
constitutional importance, providing examples of each source as
may be necessary.

[40 marks]

ii. The manner in which the courts have decided the issue of which law
is more superior – English Law or European Law whenever there is a
conflict between national law and European Law.

Support your answer with reference to relevant case law.
[60 marks]

Instructions : –

1. The assignment must be word processed using the Arial font at size 12.

2. The word count for this essay is between 1500 – 1750 words.

3. The exact number of words used MUST be stated at the end.

4. A complete Bibliography must also be appended at the end.

5. This essay must show evidence of research and reading.

6. You must make adequate reference to case laws, statutes or examples as may be relevant.

Submit your coursework to the portal, on or by 4pm on the 25th of November 2015.

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