Economic development derived by female entrepreneurs in Africa
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Assess the development of African female entrepreneurship under the context of urbanisation with increase accessibility to ICT technology (mobile phones, internet) in SMEs sector with regional focus on Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa.

Please, only include ‘GOLD STANDARD’ PEER-TO-PEER REVIEW PUBLISHED articles / literature as references.

Discuss: published literature of gold standard peer to peer review on the topic of African Female Entrepreneurship in SMEs sector with regional focus on Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Discuss: theoretical framework underpinning development of female entrepreneurship in the context of Africa (with selected regions):
(1) What are the theoretical approaches adopted in research of African female entrepreneurship? (2) What research has been published on topic of African female entrepreneurship so far and how was it categorised? (3) Is this topic under research? If so, Why?

Discuss: context of African Female Entrepreneurship:
(1) What can history tell us about development of African Female Entrepreneurship? (2) What are the drivers of African Female Entrepreneurship? (3) What are contemporary issues in African Female Entrepreneurship today? (4) Does gender differences play role in entrepreneurship? If so, why were women marginalised and what help them to overcome gender inequality? (5) How African female entrepreneurship is contributing to social and economic development with reference to countries above? (6) What are the trends in African female entrepreneurship?

Conceptualised the link between African female entrepreneurship and uses of ICT technology (mobile phones, internet):
(1) What is the role of ICT technology (mobile phones and Internet) in development of African female entrepreneurship? (2) How African female entrepreneurs use ICT mobile phones or Internet for business? (3) To what extent ICT technologies empower female entrepreneurs in Africa?

Develop the link between African female entrepreneurship and increase urbanisation in selected regions (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa): (1) Does increase urbanisation provide more opportunities for female becoming entrepreneurs? (2) What type of entrepreneurship female engage in urban place? (3) Is there link between emerging middle class and African female entrepreneurship? (3) How female entrepreneurs in selected regions developed their business networks?

Emerging Middle Class
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Summary of Theoretical Approaches
1.3 Methodology used to collect readings
1.4 Findings: the context of African female entrepreneurship

1.5 Synthesis of Literature
1.6 Summary Table of review literature
1.7 Limitation (methodology, issues, difficulties0
1.8 Discussion and Conclusion

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