Because my instructor told me to answer his question and suspicions. Or I will have academic problem

Those are what he said, I have a number of questions that I hope you can answer so that I can have a better understanding of how you went about writing your final paper for Econ 325.

While reading your paper, I was concerned that you had excessive assistance in writing your paper and that your paper did not ultimately reflect your work, but someone else’s. Part of my job as an instructor is to make sure that this does not happen. At this point I can’t say if this is what happened with you. I would like to get more information from you in order to assess your writing and to address my suspicions.

Therefore, please provide answers to these questions.
(1) Please describe how you wrote decided what to write about in your paper. (my opinion: the required book is free and also related to investment. the book is Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller)

(2) Please describe what strategies you used to make your writing clear and professional.

(3) How would you compare the writing in your final paper to the other writing that you submitted in the class? Would you evaluate it as being similar, worse, or better than your other writing in the course?(I upload the final essay that you wrote and three homework)

(4) If your final paper’s writing is different, please describe why it is so.

(5) If your final paper is much better than your other writing in the course, please explain why your other writing was not as good.

(6) Describe how you used other people to improve your paper and what assistance was provided. (If no one else provided any help on your paper, even minor help like reading your paper and checking for typos, please state that no one else assisted you in your writing.)

(7) Do you have any drafts of your writing, other than the version that you submitted? If so, please attach your draft or notes with your reply.

(8) Is there anything else that you want to explain about your paper? Please do so at this time.

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