Economics: Problem of Rising Cost in College Tuition


Economics: Problem of Rising Cost in College Tuition

Paper instructions:
1) State the issue and/or research problem/question. What is the intent of your analysis? It is good

to formulate your question with a “how” or “why” question. For example: 1) How do immigrant laws

affect assimilation into the labor market? Or, 2) How does increased traffic law enforcement decrease


2) In four or five double-spaced paragraphs, justify why this is an important topic. Envision

submitting the idea to a government agency or corporate client for funding. Address the following

questions: 1) Why is research necessary on this law and economics topic? 2) How will it help lawmakers

develop good policies or change existing policies? 3) How will it contribute to the growth of

knowledge of law and economics?

3) Prepare a synthesis of the findings from the literature. The process begins with a survey of the

scholarly literature in the selected research area: the literature will help conceptualize and

operationalize your issue of importance and /or research question.


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