The Economics of Trucking safety and technology

Term Paper
The first part should be five to seven pages, typed and double-spaced. It will identify and describe a
transportation issue of importance: included in this description is the economic theory
composing the issue. Five to seven sources should be presented and discussed (i.e. a literature
review). The second part should be five to seven pages, typed and double-spaced. It will
comprise a quantitative analysis of the issue identified in the first part: how and why the issue is
important (who is affected and how?). The analysis should be a critical assessment of both sides
of the issue. The second paper will be returned at the Final Exam. This term paper project and
class participation account for 40% of the course grade.
As an area of possible consideration, the link below is to an advocacy research report prepared
for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: “Improving Traffic Safety Culture in the United
States: The Journey Forward.” Traffic safety is an important transportation issue (as more than
42,000 people die on United States roadways each year) and the AAA have recently adopted
safety as major research and advocacy topic. The AAA Report includes research results from
numerous independent researchers and provides a beginning point for student’s research into the
topic of traffic safety. . More recent
information from AAA is available:
The link below connects to the United States Department of Transportation web-site page with
surface transportation safety facts.
The link below connects to a report describing commercial vehicle safety technologies and
practices in Europe that were considered for use in the United States:


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