he IRIS Center for Training Enhancements is a national organization that aims to provide high quality resources and training for educators. For this assignment, access the IRIS website and begin by selecting the Challenge balloon. Listen to the case study about a student named Maria. Then select the Initial Thoughts balloon. Focus on the question regarding the level of involvement of Maria’s parents. Continue on to the Perspectives and Resources balloon (focusing on page 3), and finally go to the Assessment balloon.
After completing the module, submit a brochure with the following:
• The cultural differences that exist regarding family involvement in Maria’s case and evaluating how these cultural influences may affect her development. Focus your discussion on culturally based family patterns, childrearing practices, and values.
• Be specific in your suggested strategies.
• Use the strategies as a basis for designing a 2-sided trifold brochure, suitable for early childhood teachers, emphasizing tips to encourage parental involvement – including parents of ELL students – in the multicultural classroom, center, school, or district.
You may cite research from the IRIS Center’s website.
Brochure: Your tri-fold brochure should be least two sided and appeal to early childhood teachers working with diverse populations, including parents of special needs students and English language learners. If possible, provide a bilingual brochure – or instructions for how to obtain the same information in Spanish (or another language) on a hypothetical school website.
Support your brochure with a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.

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