Using all of the skills we have learned this semester about essay structure, argument, tone, point-of-view,
and working with sources, write an essay of around 700 words arguing about one of the following
1. Write an essay making an argument about the effect of electronic communication (email, texting,
social network sites, and so forth) on relationships or society.
2. Does technology alter our “definition of face-to-face interaction”? How would you answer this
question? In an essay, define what you think “face-to-face interaction” means to the modern world.
Your essay must focus on one side of a debatable issue.
Pay close attention to the prompt and make sure you understand what you are being asked to argue.
Remember to develop a strong thesis statement—this is what you will be arguing in your paper
You must use and correctly cite at least two sources from the San Jacinto College databases and
quote or paraphrase from at least one of the module readings (for a total of 2-3 sources minimum).
As we have learned, a good argument needs to bring up at least one opposition to the thesis
statement and then offer a rebuttal.
Essays should follow MLA formatting and include correct MLA citations
Your MLA citations should be 100% correct—I will check.
Please have correct works cited at the end of your paper, in the same document, but on a separate
page. It needs to be 100% correct—take the time to do it correctly.
I should EASILY be able to match up your two sources (and all sources) listed in the works cited with
your in-text citations from your paper. I should also EASILY be able to look them up in the San Jac
databases. If they are not from the San Jac databases (or I can’t find them easily), you will not earn
Length: 650 – 750 words. Put your word count in ( ) after the last sentence of your essay.
Format: Word-processed in MLA format (refer to the MLA Page Format video)
Sources: Include quotations or paraphrases from 2 SJC database articles and one of our

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