Topic: Effects of teratogens on the development of the embryo and foetus

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Essay Question:
Examine and discuss the effects of teratogens on the development of the embryo and
foetus. Critically discuss why it is difficult to determine the effects of some of these
agents, with particular reference to psychological theory and research.
Content: ( /50)
* Introduced topic area appropriately /10
* Appropriately answered all parts of the question /10
* Covered relevant psychological theories /10
* Demonstrated a sound knowledge and understanding of the topic /10
* Presented appropriate research evidence to support arguments /10
Structure: ( /30)
* Appropriate introduction / 7.5
* Main points emerged clearly /10
* Logical progression of ideas throughout essay / 5
* Drew essay together in a sound and concise conclusion / 7.5
Referencing: ( /10)
* Appropriate choice and number of references / 2
* Appropriate APA reference style used throughout
(including reference list and in-text citations) / 8
Presentation: ( /10)
* Appropriate use of relevant psychological terminology / 3
* Competent use of writing skills (spelling, grammatical expression,
punctuation, good sentence and paragraph structure) / 4
* Overall impression (neatness, layout, spacing) / 3
Can you please make sure you go through the marking criteria to make sure all areas are covered using APA standards with referencing and in text citations.

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