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How can you help sheila
Sheila has to get her children and her self to safety.Although there were warnings to get out of the area before the water rose so high,sheila decided to try to stay to protect her home.
she also does not own a car and had no way to transport herself and the children.Now that the water has risen so high she is trapped and is desperate to save her children.

there are many other people in her life neighborhood who also need to be rescued sheila must decide how she can positive herself to get on one of the first boasts so that she can’t to safety.

We’ve had so many storms with massive flooding in many countries over the years. I have to say that Sheila should have listened out for the warnings that were given to her. Using her resources like radio, the news and word of mouth in order to evacuate and get to her children in a timely manner.

First, a car isn’t an option if the water has already started to rise. The car will begin to over flow with water and sink. Just about six inches of moving water will knock you down. Around two feet of water will sweep your car away instantly.

Second, before leaving her home she should make sure all electricity is turned off in the house.

Third, she needs to make her way to higher ground. Sheila could maybe use something in her home as a float, like a coffee table so she isn’t traveling on foot through the water. If she is unable to find something as a float another option is to move quickly on foot, but she needs to walk in water that isn’t moving. By getting to higher ground, she will be more noticeable to the rescue squad with boats.

please very careful easy information above and answer the following below question

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