1. Read (or re-read if you saw it already) the prompt for Paper #1. It’s entitled “Paper 1 for EH 102.801” on our Resources page. I’m a stickler for your following directions, so please read this prompt carefully.

2. Using the box on this Sakai page (for Task #5), firmly commit to summarizing one of the two essay choices for Paper #1: the essay on pp. 61-63 or on pp. 125-28 of CI. In one sentence, tell me which essay you will summarize for our first major assignment (Paper #1). You can’t change your mind, so choose appropriately. I’ve found either essay is just as likely to lead to a good grade.

3. In the same box on this Sakai page, ask me one specific question you have about the prompt—not so much about your essay choice but about my prompt’s directions or how to achieve something specific in Paper #1. The more general your answer is, the more likely I’ll just have to refer you back to CI and the Lesson you read. If you don’t have a question at this time, go ahead and tell me you have none.

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