: Elections in Greece in January 2015 and its outcomes

: Elections in Greece in January 2015 and its outcomesPaper details:

First you have to understand the topics and for that you have to read about them. You should also read some books, journal articles, documents and newspapers. Your Research MUST not be based on only website materials. You can also use materials in Arabic and other languages.
You must follow the following principles in order to get a good grade
• Your paper should be 6-7 pages long, formatted in New Times Roman, 12 Font, 1.5 space.
• You must list the literature/sources you used in writing the Research paper.
• You should follow the APA Style (I posted that in the Portal) on how to organize them. There should be at least 6 different sources (books, journal, magazine articles, documents, newspaper articles, on-line materials and so on)
• You must upload your papers to my Portal in MS Word
• Your paper must have a structure; a Cover paper, Introduction, Main Body (Chapters), Conclusion, Reference or Bibliography.
• You must submit your paper on time.

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