electronic health record (EHR) system


Imagine that you are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a multi-hospital health system. You are requesting funding from the Board of Directors for an investment of a new electronic health record (EHR) system. In preparation for your funding request, you have scheduled a meeting with the department managers. In this meeting, you will demonstrate the principles of healthcare finance for revenue management through the intended application of cost reporting and variances. Compose an executive summary for your team covering those topics with budget speculation. Knowing that the Board of Directors will need to consider the implications of adopting a new EHR system on the information systems related to RCM and reporting, you will analyze three (3) major considerations on Corrective Coding Initiative (CCI)-Electronic Billing X12N, compliance strategies and reporting, audit process (compliance and reimbursement), revenue cycle process, and/or utilization and resource management. Include your analysis within the executive summary. As part of your analysis on the implications of a new EHR system on other information systems, analyze the relationship between data quality within a new EHR and severity of illness. Identify the purpose and use of severity of illness based on information within the health record. Conclude your analysis by associating severity of illness and healthcare payment systems. Please make sure to integrate case-mix and CAC systems. As CIO, you understand that your executive report will likely become available to the general public–either on its own or when combined into another report. Demonstrate the connections among the different types of organizations, services, and personnel–including their interrelationships across the health care delivery system–by analyzing the implications of a new EHR system with the hospital systems’ operations with ACOs and MCOs. Additionally, include the implications related to medical devices / biotechnology. Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document. The body of your document should be at least 900 words in length. Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper.  Paraphrasing is necessary.

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