Students will research and select a US Supreme Court case relative to cyber crime or a related topic. Selected case name due by January 26, 2017.

The student will complete a paper, 5-7 pages in length, explaining the case, what the issue was, what the arguments were on both sides and what the Supreme Court ruled and why. The paper will end with what YOUR position on the case would have been and how, if you were on the Supreme Court, you would have ruled and why. Your position must be supported, not just “I agree with what the High Court ruled”. Please put some thought into your position and support it with facts, if applicable.

The assignment shall be completed in proper APA format and should include a title page, abstract and bibliography. The student should also include at least five (5) reference materials and the use of proper citations is recommended. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference.

The final paper will be due, by email, no later than April 6, 2017 and the student will present the paper in front of the class on March 30, 2017 or April 6, 2017, schedule to follow.

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