APA Assignment #2 – Emerging Adulthood: A Theory of Development From the Late Teens Through the Twenties
Questions – 20 points each for a total of 80 points
1. How does the article relate to what we have discussed in class concerning late adolescence, early adulthood, and identity?
2. What did you think about the article’s findings? Do their findings make sense when evaluated against your textbook and what has been discussed in class?
3. Do you see yourself within this article? How so? Provide one example
4. What was your biggest “take-away” from the article? For example, what did you find interesting? Is the
article relatable to your life or career pursuit
APA Format – 5 points each for a total of 15 points
1. Reference the article within the body of your response at least twice
2. Reference your textbook within the body of your response at least once
3. Inclusion of a “Reference” page that correctly cites the article and textbook
General Format of Paper – 5 points
Times Roman font at 12 pt.·
Margins 1 inch all around·
Double Spaced·
Checked for spelling and grammar·
Do NOT use text abbreviations·
Completed Assignments must be at minimum two (2) pages in length and at maximum four (4) pages – please note that more pages does NOT mean a better assignment!·

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