Empirical research paper analysis


Empirical research paper analysis
1. Identify and evaluate the clarity of the problem statement
2. Determine the theoretical or logical rationale of the research problem
3. Identify the specific research question under investigation.
4. Determine whether the question is stated in terms amenable to investigation.
5. Appraise the thoroughness and relevance of the literature review.
6. Determine if the literature review establishes the need for conducting the research
7. Establish the credibility of the research.
8. Assess the theoretical perspectives and/or a priori assumptions of the researchers.
9. Identify the population(s) being studied.
10. Evaluate the appropriateness of the research methodology for the study.
11. Assess the clarity and consistency of the results.
12. Identify the limitations of the study.
13. Offer alternative interpretations of the results.
14. Discuss the implications of the study in view of the strengths and weaknesses.

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