A critical evaluation of the employee relations issues in participation and involvement within the UK and Germany.

You should identify and evaluate the ways in which the relevant actors*, that is, the state, employers and employees (including the trade unions) play a role in the employee relations issue that you have identified. It will also be appropriate and important to critically evaluate the way that these three sets of social actors impact on and influence the balance of power in the employee relations issue you have identified.

In addressing your chosen topic please note the following assessment criteria
1 Demonstration of critical understanding of Employee Relations issues

2 Analysis of the roles of the state, employers and employees (and their trade unions) with regard to your identified topic as appropriate

3 Analysis of the balance of power between the actors (employees & their trade unions, employers and the state) as relevant to your topic

4 Integration of theory and practice (include examples of organizational or government policy and practice where relevant)

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