Energy drinks are a popular alternative to coffee and caffeinated beverages. In this $4 billion industry, some energy drinks have up to four times the caffeine contained in popular colas. Visit your local grocery store and compare the ingredients in at least three different energy drinks, including the one you or your friends may drink. Compare price, serving size, calories, sodium, carbohydrates, niacin, and B-group vitamins. Then read articles or search the Internet to find nutrition experts’ reviews and opinions of these drinks’ taste and effect. Then you will create a PowerPoint presentation to report your findings. Below are the concepts you must place in this presentation.

Include the following:
• A formatted table comparing the energy drinks
• Enhance the presentation with clipart and pictures from the Internet.
• Insert at least one SmartArt graphic.
• Make your clipart graphics have animation
• Include hyperlinks to three of the drinks’ Web sites. (I should NOT be able to see the web address typed on the slide if you did this correctly. I will only see it in preview mode.)
• Slide #2 should contain a picture that has a motion path applied to it. (HINT: See chapter 7 for instructions.)
• Include a screenshot of your Twitter account on one slide. (Ok, I know this has nothing to do with the topic of the presentation; I just need to verify your account.)
Use the pen annotation and circle something on a slide or hand write on a slide (see ch. 5)
Highlight something on a slide (ch. 5)
Add transitions to each slide
• Set your presentation up to play automatically. (ch. 7)
• You should have an introductory slide and a closing slide. I want you to include a picture of YOU on the title slide.
• You should have a minimum of 15 slides in the presentation. (You can do more if you choose.)
• Use this as a chance to experiment with PowerPoint and to learn something new on your own.
• Be sure to check spelling.
• Be creative

I will be grading you on the content, your use of PPT features, showing me you learned something new, and creativity. I will also be checking to make sure you applied the different concepts that were presented in the PowerPoint chapters of our book.

You must “wow” me to get an A. J Otherwise, I need to see you spent time and applied yourself to this project!

Under the Resources tab there are some how-to videos dealing with PowerPoint. Please take advantage of these to learn how to do new things with PowerPoint. For example, if you would like to place a YouTube video in your presentation there is a video showing you how to do this. You can also search YouTube to find other videos to learn how to do something.

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