Problem 1. I gave an equation for estimating Bg in units of rb/mcf:
Bg = 5.02 zT/P
for this equation T must be in Rankine degrees, and P must be in psis. Please derive the expression starting with the real gas law: pV = znRT. At standard conditions, T is 60 F and P is 14.7 psia.
Problem 2. I would like you to compare that website to sites managed by other states to the website for the Utah Oil and Gas Program. Please find the oil and gas website for the state of your choice, and then explore it sufficiently to write about 5 bullets that describe that site relative to the Utah site. If you like, you may compare the sites in a table. Whatever format works best for you. Just keep it under 1 page. The state will be Colorado to work on this problem. The comparison can be regarding the information the websites providing, the amount of data available the accessibility of the information…
Problem 3. Repeat the problem from the first problem using temperature in Kelvin and pressure in kPa to obtain the coefficient for calculating Bg in Reservoir-m3/Stock-tank-m3. In short, find the replacement for 5.03.
Problem 4. Find Bg in rb/mcf for a reservoir with temperature of 200˚F and pressure of 2500 psis. The specific gravity of the produced gas is 0.67.

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