English Homework

Pin It500-750 words, typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 font, including an original title, and proper MLA heading.

Our readings for this unit have been focused on the country we all live in, raising specific questions and criticism about what it means to be one of the most powerful nations in the world. Margaret Atwood says that we are a nation removed from our glorious past and that if we “proceed much further down the slippery slope, people around the world will stop admiring the good things about you [the United States]” (512). This holistic characterization is made more specific by Barbara Kingsolver who targets the jingoistic citizens of the nation and affirms that “we’re a much nobler country than our narrowest minds and loudest mouths suggest” (550). One suggests that our greatest times lie in the past while the other asserts the possibility of a bright future if the fabric of the country were to be examined more closely, y
et both put The United States and its reputation as the world’s greatest nation under a critical microscope.
For our fourth essay you will do the same thing with an essay on the current state of America. As a citizen or resident living and learning

in this country, using the experiences and knowledge that you have amassed while living here, take a critical look at the country and decide if we have fallen from the excellence we once embodied or if our future is still as bright as it once was. Feel free to respond to this in any way you choose, like analyzing the American Dream or the state of some specific aspect of life such as race or unity, as long as you back up your patriotism, dissent, or indifference with sound and logical argument supported in some way by a text we have read (as always making specific reference to at least one of them). If this is a facts and figures argument for you, use them as long as you cite their source, if it is not, don’t feel your argument is less valid or weaker, opinions based on experience are just as useful.

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