you would bold each module the paper and answer the questions this is a case of the Enron scandal it would help if you can cite a book or look up a book called the logic of failure by author name Dorner please read questions carefully and answer relating to the Enron’s fraudlent scandal

Module One: Introduction and Case Highlights

This module should convey to the reader why this case contains important lessons worth studying. Whatever themes you strike?bad policy, clueless management, out of control technology?the reader response you are looking for is: ?Yes, that can sink an operation, let me read on to find out more.? This module should resemble a movie trailer in describing broadly the crisis that confronted your organization, how it responded and how successfully the organization emerged (or didn?t) from the crisis. Use any sources you wish in creating this module, as long as you appropriately cite those sources.

Module Two: Organizational Functions, Structures and Administrative Processes

Describe your ?case organization(s**)? carefully. What is the primary business, product or service? Where the organization headquartered? Describe the structures used to direct and administer your organization. Is it a private corporation with a board of directors setting policy? If so, was the CEO also the Board Chair or serving in some other Board role? How independent was the board from management and how effective generally was the board?s oversight?

If the organization(s) in your case was not a public corporation but a partnership, non-profit or privately held company, describe the arrangement, along with the structures in place to provide policy guidance and oversight to the chief executive. Was that guidance and oversight effective in the crises your organization faced?

If your agency was public, identify the outside entities ultimately responsible for the policy direction and performance of the agency (Mayor or governor? A commission? Legislative officials?). What role did these overhead officials play in the crises that befell the agency?

Identify specific administrative approaches in your organization?how much did these approaches define the organization’s view of itself and/or the image it projected to the world? Identify any administrative principles the organization claimed to follow but, in fact, ignored or trotted out only for show.

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