Enterprise Data Management

Here is my assignment for this week:

Review the DAMA-DMBOK framework, and Enterprise Information Management Framework. Please note that “enterprise data management” and “data governance” are not synonyms. Enterprise data management is the entire field. Data governance is one of the functions within enterprise data management, just as master data / reference data management, data quality management, and data security management are.

In your own words, describe how the elements fit together. Choose one element from the list below and give a real life example that demonstrates how enterprise data management relates to the element. These elements are a part of the DAMA-DMBOK framework and will be studied extensively in this course.
• Data storage
• Data integration and interoperability
• Data warehousing and business intelligence
• Meta-data (often written metadata)
In responding to at least two of your classmates’ posts, discuss how the differences between the frameworks could affect the implementation of enterprise data management within an organization.

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Here is what you will do:

I have uploaded my classmate’s responses for this week’s assignment. For the file please write a paragraph as if you addressing each student scholarly about where they were wrong or right about the assignment above. For example write:

Dear student response 1,

getting to understand your interaction with data analysis under the patronage of the chief financial officer is humbling. The insight that one is able to draw from the experience that you share in the paper is that you had interaction with data analysis in a real work scenario. In the scenario that is presented, there are notable incidents that are both wrong and right.

For student 1 write one paragraph and student two write one paragraph.

Comment on the two responses, as in like conversing from CEO to CEO, including tips from what you learned from analyzing the organization (Universal Health Care Providers) in my initial post. I uploaded the file. That is my response for this week.

I have uploaded a student response example about how I want it done. Please it is important to follow the format in the student response example file only. Do not write a paper answering the question above. Do not also write the paper from my viewpoint. Please find 2 sources per student. Please write the paper according to the student response example file only. Please it is important again do not answer the question according to my viewpoint.

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