Entrepreneurial ecosystems

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report (https://startupgenome.com/thank-you-enjoy-reading/) gives the most relevant ranking regarding entrepreneurial ecosystems. I believe there is one Latam city missing, which will soon enter this ranking: Monterrey (Mexico). However, in order to tell if Monterrey has or not the characteristics of an vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem we need to go back and explain what an entrepreneurial ecosystem is (from the academic/theoretical point of view), why is it important (Schumpeter introduced the idea of the entrepreneurs as vital for innovation and economic development) and how the most well known ecosystems started (their history and characteristics): Silicon Valley, Route 128 (Boston), Tel Aviv and more recently Chile and Korea.
I am attaching another case study work whose format I believe will fit this work too. The study is written in Spanish (Mirar adentro), but I believe it can help to give you an idea of what I have in mind. The 5 ecosystems need to be explained and analysed in detail with a chosen framework.
I am also attaching some basic bibliography. Feel free to use more, but this will help to get you started!
The last piece, the Monterrey ecosystem analysis will be done by me, so do not worry about that, there is no much English info for you to do that part.


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