Ephesian 6:10 -20
You will choose 1 passage from the attached document for your Exegetical Paper. Next, research 7 scholarly resources related to your passage and generate a Bibliography. You must use Turabian formatting, and submit the document as a .doc or .docx file. List your passage in the text box of the submission link. Textbooks do not count toward the total number of sources. EXEGETICAL PAPER PASSAGE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY GRADING RUBRIC

Element Criteria Excellent:
Satisfies criterion prompts with excellent work Good:
Satisfies criterion prompts Average:
Satisfies most criterion prompts Poor:
Does not satisfy criterion prompts Points
Earned Comments from Instructor
Passage The passage selection is clear for the instructor to see. 10 pts. 9 pts. 8 pts. 0–7 pts.
Sources All 7 sources are credible. 10 pts. 9 pts. 8pts. 0–7 pts.
Formatting All sources are cited with correct Turabian formatting. 38–40 pts. 35–37 pts. 32–34 pts. 0–31pts.
TOTAL EARNED Out of 60 points




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