Topic: EPM Tecnology – International Market

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EPM Technology is a company located in UK (derbyshire). We must develop an international market entry strategy for EPM’s carbon fiber magazine rack (Photo attached) which identifies two overseas target markets: one inside the EU (Germany) & one outside the EU (UAE).
We need to select and apply a variety of models, frameworks and/or theories, and explain why they are appropriate to international entrepreneurship, within an international entrepreneurship context.
We must determine and justify which target markets would be the best to enter, but these could be on a sub-national, national and/or regional basis.
Critically evaluate the application of these models, frameworks and/or theories and reflect on the learning achieved.
The process needed to follow, using appropriate models etc, is:
Research products (eg features/benefits, competitors etc)
Research appropriate markets (eg size, growth, customers etc)
Research countries/regions (eg finance, culture, ease etc)
Critically analyses , synthesize and evaluate your information
Decide on and justify two target markets to enter:
– one inside EU & one outside EU
Explain what market entry strategies you would use, why these are appropriate and how you would apply them
Demonstrate what marketing mix you would use and how you would implement this, inc any necessary product changes.

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