research, please cite your sources in your responses and provide a references

cited section. The purpose of the essay exam is for you to display your knowledge

about each of these topics through discussion and examples. Each question is worth

30 points.

1. What is soil salinization? Please give an explanation of what it is and then

discuss attempts at solving soil salinization. Where is soil salinization

impacting agriculture in the United States? Please give one example of how

soil salinization has impacted another historical population.

2. What is desertification? Please give examples of where desertification has

impacted human populations (you can reference the film “Dirt!” which we

viewed in class). What are some of the solutions to the spread of

desertification given in class?

3. In class we watched the film “Dirt! The Movie”. What was your personal

response to the film? What did you take away from the film? How is the

mistreatment of soils impacting people around the globe?

4. What is Agroecology? What are the issues with industrial agriculture that

agroecology attempts to solveyou think that agroecology is a viable method

of farming for the future of food production in our world?

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