We would like you to write an essay exploring how different types of structural systems shape space differently, and create different feelings inside. Please discuss the following, using the photos and diagrams as evidence to support your assertions:

For each building, describe how its structural system works. That is, describe how loads are carried from the very top and center of the roof down to the ground. Think of how a weight of a person standing on the roof is systematically carried down and through each structural element.
For each building explain how the structural system helps shape the spaces it contains. For example, “the dome structure creates a high, round space, both in section and in plan.” or, “the rows of columns subdivide the space into visually linked sub-spaces.”
Explain how each space feels to you. In your sentences use vivid words like grandiose, intimate, embracing, spiritual, rational, cozy, uplifting, etc.
Summarize which one you find more interesting, in terms of beauty, drama, rational clarity or emotional complexity, etc.

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