Essay, Creative writingProposal and a Brochure


Project description

Here is the assignment as the teacher has given:

” The Final Project for WTNG 220.41 is a two-step assignment:

1) WRITE a 1-2-page sales or planning proposal (format could be a memo or letter) from you to a manager or boss of your

company. You will remind him or her of a recent discussion about the feasibility and justification of the new product,

service, or plan for the company. You will remind him or her that you are submitting a detailed persuasive proposal to sell

the product, offer the service, or implement the plan. You are also sending a sample brochure for the boss to look at that

will promote and market the product, service, or plan. The brochure will be mailed to customers, distributed at trade shows,

left in building lobbies, etc. The important thing in this proposal is that it be detailed. If it is a product, how will it

be sold, what quantity, price, location, etc. If it is a service, how much will it cost, what are the conditions, etc. If it

is a plan, how long will it take, cost, location, etc.

2)DESIGN a three-fold, six-sided brochure similar to the midterm. Instead of promoting and marketing the company in general,

this brochure will emphasize the product, service, or plan. Include the same design elements as the midterm–

a. three bullet lists

b. a graph or chart

c. a table

d. two photos or illustrations

e. company contact information

f. 2-3 different typefaces only

g. short, easy to read paragraphs (eight lines or less) ”

So this assignment is basically 2 assignments; a proposal memo and a brochure based on the proposal.
I do have the brochure ready. Just need to edit it as you write the proposal.

* My company is Rolex Watches.
* I will attach a proposal example from my book, and the six slided brochoure to you once I finish making this order.
* For the brochure, you need to chang the graph and the pics and other stuff.
Please if you are unsure of something, ask before doing this.
Thank You


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