Essay Project on Ethical Leadership

Essay Project on Ethical Leadership

Essay is on Ethical Leadership. Your task is to write an essay

addressing the importance of ethical leadership.

In your essay it is expected that you will explore individual and organisational factors

that hinder and promote the development of ethical leadership, as well as the importance of building ethical leadership capabilities in
organisations. This 8-week project needs to be driven by empirical research with at least a dozen journal articles.  acknowledge all sources used and ensure you include a title and abstract.
Suggested Readings:


(available online through the library e-resources)

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Journal of Organizational


Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.

The European Work and Organizational Psychologist

Athota, V S., (in press).

Personality influencing moral foundations. Journal of Organizational Moral Psychology, Volume 3(1)
Allen, N. A., & Hecht, T D. (2004). The

romance ofteams”: Toward an understanding of its psychological underpinnings and implications. Journal of Occupational and
Organizational Psychology, 77, 439 461.

Arnold, J. et al. (2005) Work Psychology: Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace (4th

edn). Harlow: Pearson Education.

Furnham, A. (2005) The Psychology of Behaviour at Work: The Individual in the Organization (2nd edn).
Hove: The Psychology Press.


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