Essay report

Use comparison and contrast in writing based on purpose and intended audience
Apply punctuation rules to compose correctly punctuated sentences
Edit sentences to correct improper use of punctuation
Write an effective body paragraph
Write an effective and grammatically correct essay
Describe MLA style and when it should be used
Apply strategies to achieve emphasis in writing
Apply the rules of spelling to correct spelling issues in writing samples
This writing assignment asks students to write a comparison-contrast essay on the topic of their choice.
An essay (1,250-word limit) containing at least four sources cited according to MLA style (you may use sources you identified in previous assignments)
Any debatable topic is acceptable for this assignment. Due to the length of the assignment, complex topics such as gun control, immigration law, abortion rights, and capital punishment are not recommended. If these issues interest you, find a specific instance or aspect of the topic to research. For example, you might want explore the recent laws concerning immigration rights in Arizona; such a project is more focused (and more interesting) than addressing immigration rights in general.
Consider addressing a topic that is personally important to you, including issues related to health, beauty, family life, and career decisions. The more relevant your topic is to your priorities, the more likely you are to write in an engaging, compelling way.
To find ideas for debatable topics, consider these sources: (opens an external site) (opens an external site) (opens an external site)

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