The messages found in contemporary media reflect cultural/societal values. This may be a demonstration or an attempt to impose values, or a reflection of society’s values back to the viewers.
(media (Film, Television, Video),
technology (either entertainment or social media), or in
commercial popular culture (commercial sports, etc.)
This is your “ready for me to read and respond” draft. Do not aim for “rough.”
Write a minimum of 750 words on your topic. Aim for 1000 words. Your draft should demonstrate that you are shaping a thesis “in conversation with others” by referring to and using sources. You MUST be using sources at this point.
TIP: Do not begin a draft until you are engaging in a conversation with other sources. Keep using prewriting strategies until you see that you are developing a position that others have commented on, and that you are responding to others.
Take this draft seriously. Your essay may still show signs of “reaching” for a conclusion at this point, but you are expected to demonstrate that you are coming to terms with confusion.
Use MLA citations / format. Attach a Works Cited page.
I will comment upon the draft in writing and discuss that with you during a scheduled conference.
Note: Additional conference time with instructor is available. Arrange for this by appointment.
I do not comment on essays that are late, barring emergency situations.

Final Draft of Capstone Essay (300 Pts.)

Your final essay is a clearly articulated examination of an issue in mass media/entertainment, in which you have presented a meaningful, well-supported position.
You will be evaluated on how well you have used teacher and peer feedback.
Your essay must be clearly focused on a significant issue, with a clear position statement that expresses a concern with the messages and values present in the topic.
Using the best possible written English, the essay is organized and coherent. Rhetorical strategies using logos, ethos, and pathos, have informed your choices to make the most appropriate, masterful, and effective presentation of your position statement.
4-6 pages in length, in MLA format with citations and a separate Works Cited page. A minimum of two well-chosen sources will be required for a passing grade (higher than F). Three sources will be required to be considered for a grade of A.

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