Essay report

Please choose twoo the following topics to construct a thoughtful, cohesive, 1 for each 5 paragraph essay including references in APA format.

1. Please describe the process by which the body adjusts for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Are these processes negative feedback loops or positive feedback loops. Please describe these processes in terms of effector, etc. following the model in your text.

2. Extreme blood lost can lead to hypovolemic shock. Please describe what hypovolemic shock is. Explain how it will impact virtually all systems and how some systems will try to compensate for this blood loss.

3. Describe the importance of pH on the human body. In your description, please describe acidosis, alkalosis, and how the body compensates for such pathologies. How does the body keep such a tight pH range during homeostasis.

4. Why are lipids so different from one another? What do they have in common? What are the functions and importance of this class of macromolecules. Be sure to explain lipid functions in the membrane.

5. Sickle Cell Anemia affects many people across the world. Please describe what causes this disease? How does it relate to protein folding? How does protein structure impact the function?

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