Essay report

THIRD PAPER (5-7 pages; not including title and reference page):
Title: SENIOR TRAVEL AND TOURISM PAPER (Text: chapters 6-9)

Discuss, in your own words, what you learned from chapters 6-9 regarding leisure and travel with your “buddy.” Be sure to include this information in your paper with appropriate documentation and reference page.

Include your discussion in your paper and the following detailed information about your “buddy’s” thoughts and feelings and anything else you discover while talking to you’re “buddy:”

1) Has leisure and travel changed since retirement, if not retired what they are doing for recreation and leisure?

2) When they have free time, no obligations, what is their favorite thing to do?

3) Who do they enjoy recreating with or do they prefer being alone?

4) Do they travel in or out of the country, if yes, where have they gone and or want to travel to?

5) What do they enjoy most and least about traveling?

Visit a local travel agency
Include the following information in your paper:

1) Name of the agency, date, time, location, phone number and travel agent you spoke to (AAA, offer travel opportunities and work with a significant number of seniors).

2) Describe the most common countries seniors travel to

3) Describe the number of seniors participate who participate in the activities/programs (race, ethnicity & gender)
4) Describe preferred types of accommodations

5) Describe preferences; cruises or land tours, hotels, hostels etc

6) Describe how much money is spent on these tours

7) Describe months that they travel more than others

8) Describe many go on them; and how long do they travel and the reasoning behind the statics

9) Describe as much as you can about seniors travel and tourism.

10 Describe travels more, men or women, couples or singles

11) Describe in detail a natural disaster or medical emergency, how is that handled

12) Summation/conclusion: discuss what you learned most from this experience; relate it to your text readings from chapters 6-9 and how you felt about it. Include pictures of yourself at the site, be sure the name of the site is in your picture. Would you recommend this travel agency to a friend or loved one- Why or why not?

IMPORTANT: Everything (including the site visit) is to be turned in as one paper, not separate documents.

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