Essay report

My essay is an interpretation of Susan Glaspell’s one-act play “Trifles. my theme of the essay is the gender roles. Glaspell’s use of pre-conceived gender roles and its connection to symbol and theme. My essay must included introduction about the both gender roles women and men. Also must have 6 body paragraphs. 1st introduction about both (women) & (men) 2nd paragraph talk about women being women. 3rd paragraph talk about men being men. 4th paragraph women being men. 5th paragraph talk about men being women and 6 paragraph- Conclusion about the both gender roles. For each paragraph find 2 quotes of the play and give details and examples be clear. Also my essay must include:
1. Discussion of the role of non-verbal elements in the play
2. Reference to stage directions as well as dialogue as support for your perspective

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