Essay report

Answer each question with two or more printed and/or e-published references. These references should be used to support/document each essay. The response to each of the four questions should be at least one page in length.

1. According to research “Asian Americans constitute an extremely diverse panethnic category” and that the “term Asian American” is “nothing more than a convenient category that enables us to look at the general characteristics of the various Asian groups together, in comparison with other ethnic populations in the United States.” What are these general characteristics? Do you think the similarities are greater than the differences among the Asians to justify lumping them into one ethnic category? Defend your answer.

2. Sociologist state that “the various Hispanic American groups exhibit a wide range of assimilation, extending from Hispanos in New Mexico-—who have strongly assimilated both culturally and structurally into the dominant group-—to black Puerto Ricans who have displayed a low level of structural assimilation.” What factors facilitate assimilation for some Hispanic groups? What are impediments to assimilation for other groups?

3. Discuss global trends in ethnic conflict. According to sociologist, “the proliferation of ethnic diversity and the resurgence of ethnic nationalism” have contributed to the marked increase in ethnic conflict in many parts of the world. How are increasing trends in ethnic diversity and the development of ethnic nationalism related? Give examples to illustrate.

4. If you were in a position to propose legislation to solve the current problem of illegal immigration, what would the bill look like? What are the specific issues the bill would include and how would it address those issues?

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