Unit 3 presentation 1

Utilizing the key theories, methods, and salient points presented in Winant’s article in this unit, create an educational PowerPoint presentation that discusses how you as a manager can prevent some of the challenges the author spoke about. In addition:

Compare the various developmental models presented.
Identify gaps in the models and current thoughts that may not properly reflect race and ethnic identity.
Summarize why Winant believes that “the global racial situation remains volatile and undertheorized” (2006, p. 988). Explain if you agree or disagree with this belief, supporting your position.
Examine Winant’s belief of the major negative effects and challenges of discrimination on diverse cultures.
Examine how awareness of worldwide patterns of race and racism might enhance public safety research and delivery of public safety.
You are required to use references to support your perspectives. All citations and references should be in APA sixth edition style and formatting. The presentation should demonstrate your ability to build knowledge by incorporating research applications, critical thinking, personal experiences, and contemporary issues related to public safety. Each assignment must be completed on time for full credit. Late assignments will be accepted at the discretion of the instructor, but will be penalized for being tardy.

Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; it should also follow professional standards.
Format: Follow APA sixth edition style and format requirements.

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