1000 word essay on “Why did you pick a major in accounting and which field of accounting are you interested in?”

Please follow the guide below:

The introduction may include:
1. An introduction to the topic of the paper.
2. A good definition of the career.

The body paragraphs may include:
1. The most important features of the career.
2. The nature of the job and a list of the responsibilities.
3. The minimum qualification required for the purpose.
4. The challenges involved in pursuing the career.
5. A discussion of how easy or how difficult it is to find placement in the sector.
6. The amount of hours you will need to dedicate and the salary you can expect.
7. The possibilities for growth in the career sector.
8. An explanation of why that particular career looks more appealing to you than the rest.
9. Your skills which complement the career responsibilities.
10. Your shortcomings which might come in the way of your career and how you plan to tackle those situations.

The conclusion may include:
1. A summary of the most relevant points.
2. A reinstatement of the thesis stated in the introduction.
3. A concluding statement which effectively winds up the discussion.

Possible Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; job postings from potential employers; business journals; career websites (Onet Online)

All sources must be properly cited in APA format.

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