Read/review the following resources for this activity:
•Tiffin Library introductory video
•Tiffin APA guidelines video
•Link (library): Cyber crime
•Link (library): Community oriented policing
•Link (library): Faith based rehabilitation
•Link (library): Half way houses
•File (.pdf): APA Citation Style (in Course Documents)
•File (.pdf): Sample APA Paper (in Course Documents)
•Minimum of 1 library resource

For this assignment, you will research one of the following topics in the Tiffin University Library. You will need your library barcode to access this. The topics are: cyber crime, community oriented policing, faith based rehabilitation and half way houses.

You can use one of the following searches:
•Cyber crime
•Community oriented policing
• Faith based rehabilitation
•Half way houses

Once you start searching you are to find a peer-reviewed article on one of the listed topics. You will then prepare a 3-page review of the article. In the review you will discuss the main point of the article, the supporting documentation used to support the main point, two things that you thought were strong points presented by the author with the author and why, then one thing that you felt was weak or needed more support and why. This part is not to be a disagreement with the points in the article but with the work of the author. For example, did the author use credible research? Did the author support the points with unbiased documentation? The point here is to be objective in the review and value of the work. Then you are to offer your thoughts on the main point of the article and your opinion.

Activity Instructions
1. Review the videos on Tiffin library and the APA video
2. Undertake library research to identify a topic that can be critiqued from many angles.
3. Identify the main points of the article and review the supporting data.
4. Provide a critical review of the work noting strengths and weaknesses.
5. Create your paper and submit it in Moodle.

Writing Requirements (APA format)
•3 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page
•1-inch margins
•Double spaced
•12-point Times New Roman font
•Title page with topic and name of student
•References page (minimum of 1 resource)

Submission Instructions
1.Click Add submission to select your assignment file.
2.Then click Add or drag-and-drop your file into the window.
3.When you are ready to submit the assignment, click Save changes.
4.Then click Submit assignment.
5.Click Continue to confirm submission.

Grading and Assessment
The following general guidelines are an approximation of the grading structure:
30% of assignment grade will come from formatting, writing style, and research/referencing.
70% of assignment grade will come from content, critical thinking, and general treatment of the topic.

Course Learning Outcome(s): 2, 6, 7, 9
2. Identify and discuss contemporary problems and issues that confront administrators and managers in law enforcement, court, corrections, security, and juvenile justice agencies.
6. Apply problem-solving skills to contemporary issues, ethical dilemmas, and critical questions in criminal justice.
7. Locate and critique current reports, research monographs, and discussions in print and electronic literature and relate them to contemporary criminal justice practice.
9. Regularly follow and report on crime and justice agency news found in print and World Wide Web media resources.

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