Begin to read the captivity narrative of a review first please Mary Rowlandson, a review first please The Sovereignty and Goodness of God published first in 1682.  The narrative tells of her ordeal when she was captured during King Philip’s War (1675-1678).  This captivity story will be the basis for your first essay of three to five pages.  The goal is to formulate a clear and plausible thesis and prove that thesis using the evidence (direct quotes from the narrative).
Your grade will be based on the following
1. A clear and plausible  thesis for The Sovereignty and Goodness of God
2. Knowledge of the evidence, as demonstrated by quotes from the narrative.
3. The logical development of the thesis and the quality of writing.
To formulate your thesis, consider these two topics:
1. How did Rowlandson make sense of her captivity?  What helped her cope with her ordeal? (Your answers will be your thesis.)
2. What can be learned about native Americans from this Puritan story?  Why did native Americans take captives?  Why did they wage war against the English Puritans in New England? (Your answers will be your thesis.)


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