Essay report

  1. Introduction
    2. Theoretical perspective
    a. focused on the individual’s thoughts as the determinate of his or her emotions and behaviors and therefore personality.
    b. Personality problems can be understood by analyzing the thoughts that come before the actions or behavior.
    3. Theorists who have contributed to the approach
    a. George Kelly – First cognitive theorists; Fundamental postulate
    b. Albert Ellis- A>B>C model
    c.  Jean Piaget
    4. Similarities and differences in the perspectives of kelly and Ellis
    5. Measurement and assessment
    a. Natural behaviors- record  observations of behaviors that occur in real life situations
    b.  Pavlovian Assessment: Excitation-Inhibition
    c. Skinnerian Assessment: Reinforcement Schedules

    6. Applications
    a. Beck depression inventory
    b. Beck anxiety inventory
    7. Conclusion


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