Essay report


Upload your completed stage 2 work.

Be sure you have developed your paragraphs by adequately supporting your claims with cited evidence from your published resources.

Please check to make sure that you have included your work cited list at the end so that your in-text (parenthetical) citations refer to something.

Here are the original instructions once again:

STAGE 2 Instructions
While there will be time for revision in future stages, be sure you have done your best drafting before submitting.
First, look to your stage 1 work (including notes from live feedback during class) to identify, modify, and finally script your THESIS ARGUMENT. It should be a single sentence that expresses a strong, specific conviction.
Next, determine how your thesis can be broken down to 2, 3, or 4 “mini-theses” to organize your paper. Consider how your argument can best be segmented in order to persuade and inform your reader. List these mini theses underneath your thesis argument in the form of a rough outline.
Now, following the illustration we looked at in class HERE, paste, type, or upload 3 paragraph “sandwiches” below. Each sandwich must use at least one cited piece of evidence from a different source you located during your research. Don’t forget to introduce your paragraph theme with a “top bun” mini-thesis statement, after which you offer the evidence (a quote or paraphrase from a reliable article, website, video, etc. related to your job), and your analysis of that info (how it relates to your thesis) before closing with the “bottom bun.”
To summarize what is required for Stage 2, you should submit here:
1) thesis argument
2) list of mini-theses that will structure the paper (and serve as the “top bun” statement for each sandwich paragraph to follow)
3) three developed paragraphs following the sandwich method illustrated
4) Works cited (so that your parenthetical citations refer to something)
That is it! Remember to use the 7th or 8th edition of the MLA Handbook for your citations and that our library guide is now up to date with 8th.


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