Essay report

Barbara Ehrenreich’s best seller, Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By In America, provides important insights into critical aspects of social stratification in the United States.
1. Discuss your impressions of this book with specific references on social stratification.
One writer has said, “Ehrenreich provides a frightening look into the lives of hard working Americans.”

2. What is frightening about what she describes? Why is it frightening?
Another writer has said, “Ehrenreich proves, devastatingly that jobs are not enough; that the minimum wage is an offensive joke; and that making a salary is not the same thing as making a living, as making a life.”

3. What kinds of changes do you believe are necessary to begin to rectify the indignities that are the focus of Barbara Ehrenreich’s book?

4. What changes in American stratification have occurred since her book was published and what impact might these changes have on Ehrenreich’s point of view?

4 pages double-spaced paper


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