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by Jenny W
Working in the healthcare field, ethics and human rights play an important role in the work that nurses, physicians, and all healthcare personnel perform each day. “Ethics is the study of right and wrong (Houser, 2015, p. 47).” Every day, thousands, if not millions of people are admitted into a healthcare setting such as a hospital, or clinic. People put their faith and trust in healthcare providers to help them with various needs, with the hope that the practice of health and medicine are performed safely by healthcare personnel.

From the readings this week, as well as the Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) training course, I am amazed and thankful for the laws, rules, and safety precautions that are now in place to protect people from risks and harm through research studies. Whenever I read stories about the Nazi Medical Experimentations, I am always horrified and disgusted by what happened in these research experiments, and the outcomes. But also I am disturbed by the cruelty of healthcare professionals that were the investigators and performers of the experiments.

We are fortunate to live in a time when ethics and human rights are considered. The Belmont Report that was created in 1979 focuses on three principles: respect for persons, beneficiaries, and justice. In addition to the Belmont Report, other codes, regulations, and Institutional Review Boards (IRB) are now in place to prevent inhumane research studies from being performed. “Nursing practice is guided by research evidence (Lopez, 2017, p. 2).” Many wonderful improvements in the nursing field have come from research studies. However, we should never lose site of the importance of ethics and human rights.  


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