Essay report

  • Introduction –Introduce the topic and inform the reader. Identify the topic and define and narrow it to a specific issue. Present a historical background and some key sources. Also, identify the complications (problems) the paper is to explore. Finally, direct the reader toward the eventual conclusion. Approximately 400 words.

    •    Main body, which should include sub-sections (approximately 1700 words). Classify the major issues of the study and analyse them. Provide well-reasoned statements at the beginning of the paragraph and then supply evidence. It is crucial to make comparisons, narrate the history of the subject and provide justification of your arguments.

    •    A conclusion, needs to summarise the group’s study, the findings, concerning the themes investigated, as well the importance of the group’s recommendations. So, confirm the thesis thesis/decision you reached, discuss the implications of the findings and offer proposals. Use approximately 400 words.

    2500 words Done work need editing (logic & more references) and academic check


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